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We can't wait to meet you!   In today's busy world, we know how important it is to feel special and good about yourself. We also know the challenge of getting that self-care time into the schedule! 

Below you will see an appointment request button.  Once you submit this request, our coordinating team will be in touch within 48 working hours to make it a date!  See our menu for list of services and pricing. 


To help you in deciding your hair color needs and fitting that visit into your lifestyle, below you will see descriptions of our color services and the timing that goes along with them. 


Please review the services below to submit your appointment request.   If you are unsure of what services you may need, you are welcome to request an in person consultation as well.  

classic color session:

Think freshening up! 

This session is best for you if you're looking to touch up and refresh your tone, looking to add some depth or pops of brightness, blend or fine tune your color or tone.  If you're wanting to shift your current color, add shine or are looking to add subtle dimension.


Typical services needed to freshen up: single process color, glaze, individual foils, lowlight, balayage, and/or toner, conditioning treatment.

(1.5 - 3 hours, $120+) 

revive Session:

Think switching it up! 

This session is best if you'd like to head in a new direction with your look or recreate your last color visit but it's been longer than 4 months ago.  Think a bolder amount of brightening or deepening, changing the color more than 2 levels vs. slightly shifting the color or tone. 


Typical services needed for reviving: a partial foil or balayage, a filler and/or toner, extra color for dimension or varying lengths, bonding additive and conditioning treatment to maintain the health of the hair. 

(3+ hours, $200+)

transformation Session:

Think new look!

This session is best if you're wanting to add a TON of blonde or looking for both hilights and lowlights, correcting extreme warmth or brassiness, transforming into a complete new color and/or vivid colors, transitioning to gray, maintaining previous salon visit that was longer than 4 months ago.


Typical services needed for a new look: full foil and/or full balayage, double application and/or extended processing time, toners and/or color removers, extra color for varying lengths, conditioning treatments and/or bonding additives to maintain the health of the hair. 

(4+ hours, $360+)

The day of your appointment-- You will pull into Stoney Creek Plaza.  We have a large parking lot and a couple great neighbors to grab a bite to eat.  You'll see Anthony's Pizza and Pure Bread Deli.  You'll know you've got the right place when you see our big Maureen's sign above our front door.  

Upon entering, you'll be greeted by our team at the front.  We'll give you a tour to be sure you are familiar with our space and feel right at home. 

Next we'll begin with your scheduled appointment.  If you're here for color, we will show you where to change into a smock if you'd like, and your stylist will consult with you and a formula will be custom blended and recorded in our system for your future visits.  All massage and skin care information is recorded and entered into our system as well.  

We love to finish our hair service with a gorgeous styled look and communicate recommendations for your at home styling care.  We then discuss a maintenance plan for you and can schedule your next appointment. 


Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up in between visits!  This is where we post fun giveaways and contests, special promotions and pictures of our awesome clients, like you! 

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